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Wedding Cake Strain


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Buy Wedding Cake Strain  Wedding Cake is an exceptionally potent hybrid strain known for its sweet, earthy and vanilla-like aroma and flavour. As a cross between Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies, this strain surely is a treat for the senses with its warming notes and diesel or gas-like undertones. Seed Junky Genetics variation of Wedding Cake was created as a selected phenotype of their legendary Triangle Mints, which was bred as a result of crossing their Triangle Kush and Animal Mints. A heavy-hitter, it is known for its monstrous 26% average THC concentration, so don’t take it lightly. Just like any dessert, this strain is best when saved for last, or for night-time use as its debilitating high can knock out even the strongest stoners.

Wedding Cake Strain-Effects

The potency of Wedding Cake is backed up by its debilitating effects and outrageous THC levels. Laboratory tests done on harvests have shown that THC concentrations for this strain reach upwards of 26%. Take care of any responsibilities or plans prior to smoking or consuming Wedding Cake. The high of this strain is strong enough to incapacitate users and negate feelings of productivity with its body high. What makes Wedding Cake unique is that it retains sativa-effects or traits from its Cherry Pie lineage, which is a descendant of the strain Durban Poison. Wedding Cake has highly euphoric and relaxing qualities. It is accompanied by a case of the giggles and a warm or soothing sensation throughout the body. Asides from its recreational purposes, Wedding Cake has many medicinal applications. It is most effective in aiding with stress, anxiety, depression, muscle spasms and insomnia.

Aroma & Appearance

Extremely visually appealing, this strain inherits the beautiful features of its Cherry Pie and GSC lineage. Wedding Cake has very dense, cone-shaped buds that look like typical indica flowers. The bright green buds are fluorescent due to the insane abundance of luminous trichome heads. You should definitely use a grinder to break down your buds as the THC trichomes are incredibly resinous and sticky when touched. As a product of Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies, Wedding Cake is a genetically gifted strain. The aroma-profile begins as the comforting, earthy and vanilla-like cookie essence of GSC and transitions into fruity sweetness and notes of a diesel-like gas.

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33 reviews for Wedding Cake Strain

  1. Bodwin

    Fucking amazing. Great head high and gets the sex drive going. Tastes like vanilla icing. Need I say more?!

  2. Tjay

    Excellent strain. It’s an absolute hybrid but it doesn’t feel like at first. First came a massive Sativa-like rush almost to the point of too much. Then the stain takes a wonderful nosedive into Indica land. Very much a creeper, mild munchies, and settles into pleasant relaxation. Special

  3. Jerome Black

    this was by far one of the most fun experiences I’ve had with any strain I took two bong rips and I was extremely high it was a very relaxing high but also reminded me of what it’s like to be drunk I would recommend this strain to anyone

  4. Wesley

    very strong. just a couple hits keeps me good for a long time

  5. Black

    What a amazing strain it hits so hard and gives a amazing high….literally after one hit from my bong I was stoned 100% will buy again

  6. Rene

    Very smooth. Very delicate, yet comes with a nice heavy high. It’s slow to work, so be careful. I usually find most highs instantaneous, but this took several minutes for it to hit. Euphoric, happy high with a slow fade. Had some near like psychedelic moments but nothing too intense and very short lived. Great a few hours before bed as it really put me to sleep as the high faded.

  7. Montoya

    Großartig für Sex und wenn Sie ein Typ sind, werden Sie stundenlang hart bleiben. Wenn Sie abspritzen, ist es unglaublich und diese Belastung verstärkt das Nachglühen.

  8. Monero West

    I absolutely love this strain. You definitely smell that pepper it’s strong but when you smoke it I feel like you can taste the sweet & tangy and it all swirls into this savory gentle union. The physical effects, “it feels like when the water from the shower first touch your skin”. I’m relaxed , euphoric , inspired , numb , tingly.

  9. Charles

    this one hit on the trifecta of radness! tastes awesome, looks amazing, great high! if you see it, get it!

  10. Yannick

    Best strain I’ve had. It gives me the exact high that I like. Wedding cake has been the only flower I buy since I found it.

  11. Kingsley

    This is BY FARRRRR my favorite strain ever!

  12. Serge

    This is my all time favor strain! I use medically mostly for depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, sometimes when I get high I get thoughts that I can’t escape. Most strains will cause my thoughts to consume me if I go even a little hard. But, not this stain. Wedding Cake is my magic pill. It completely washes away my depression, anxiety, and OCD. I have not had a bad high with this strain. It has helped me to have a new lease on life. I’m just afraid the dispensary I got it from (Theory Wellness) won’t do another run. I would be willing to buy ounces of this strain!

  13. Monica

    This is by far my FAVORITE strain!!! Within a few puffs, you begin to feel calm, relaxed, euphoric, and AROUSED! This is a great strain to help get in “the mood”. I’ve had some of the BEST SEX EVER with the help of this strain. This is the only strain that I keep in my collection. The others I buy at random. My husband and I LOVE it! You won’t be disappointed! Enjoy and have fun!!

  14. Oneal

    Smoked in a pre roll after a long day at work. Very euphoric, energetic, focused, and relaxed.

  15. Mic Weezy

    Me and a few buddies of mine got fucked up on this shit. I wish we had been told how strong it was, because we went at it for a couple hours, and we were high for many more to come. A dozen hits on a piece and that was all it took to keep us good, I even felt it the next. Super strong, but goddamn I had a great time.

  16. Geal

    I love Indica strains, but they plant my ass in the couch. Many Sativa and hybrid strains give me anxiety, and I overthink. Wedding Cake allows me to enjoying choring on my day off with no bugging, I’m just happy AF and productive! Thank you to whoever developed these genetics, because this is a golden egg.

  17. Antoine

    Best High I have ever had.. hands down! I’ve looked for this a long time ago and couldn’t find it. Until now, I highly recommend this if you are looking to go somewhere through music and space. Amazing

  18. Wisdom

    One of the best, If not the best strains to have sex on. Better than any pill, this will make you harder than a rock, you can have sex for hours and the recovery time is minutes, if you see this, stockpile it.

  19. Marley

    Best High I have ever had.. hands down! I’ve looked for this a long time ago and couldn’t find it. Until now, I highly recommend this if you are looking to go somewhere through music and space. Amazing

  20. Kingston

    My favorite strain so far! Smooth and sweet flavor. I have C-PTSD and this helps my brain slow down to normal speed to think clearer and definitely puts me back in tune with my disconnected emotions. Can’t seem find another strain that does that for me. Also very good for the sexy times. 10/10

  21. Destiny

    Currently vibin’ to some Aminé, just dancing around my living room while my dog judges me lol 10/10 would recommend to a friend.

  22. Jean Claude

    By far my favourite strain. It hits hard, it hits good and it leaves you in a deliciously fuzzy headspace. The body high is also incredible; It’s really hard to focus on one particular task. Ideal for watching a dumb tv show or listening to music on the couch.

  23. Solomon

    One of my favorites 🙂

  24. Quan

    Love this! Got this in a cartridge and as a hybrid, wedding cake punch! In SF

  25. Paul

    Love this strain! Very smooth mellow clouds using Volcano Hybrid. Initially a creeper, then the body begins to decompress as it sets in. Nice horny high so it’s great with your favorite partner, partners, or yourself. Close your eyes and enjoy the ride as euphoria and arousal sets in.

  26. Roman

    Il frappe fort et vous n’avez besoin que de 4 coups et il vous envahira. Buzz total tout autour. Aucune douleur dans le bas du dos. En obtiendra plus. Facilement mon top 5.

  27. AG

    I rename it Birthday Cake because it’s my birthday! It tastes like cake and knocks a much needed pause in your life. YAASSSS

  28. Choppa

    Love this strain.. everytime I smoke this strain i have a few drinks and I’m partying like I’m at a club in Manhattan. This strain is a nice aphrodisiac, gets the moment moving.

  29. Sean

    Straight up best day high. Very calm and Sophisticated feeling almost lol, I’m a server at Olive Garden meaning it’s never ending MF! Constant back and forth hassle and frustration. Gets me ready everyday for the upcoming guaranteed bullshit:)

  30. Dexter

    Es realmente difícil decidir que una variedad es mi favorita por encima de todas las demás, pero estoy bastante cerca de aceptar que Wedding Cake puede serlo. Esta variedad es todo lo que quiero del cannabis. Cuando lo uso, me siento muy feliz, un poco risueña y muy relajada. Es un muy buen momento cada vez que lo uso.

  31. Tyler

    This strain is an awesome hybrid. Gotta rep Washington DC on this strain and every one I try cause they need to be on here. Dank smell with great color and rich flavor a must have in the heady stash.

  32. Axis

    Was the first flower strain I ever tried. love it. It’s affordable and well known so it’s easy to get. All my friends enjoy it too. I love to bake and listen to music while stoned. 10/10 would recommend!

  33. Kane Blacko

    i typically never go for anything indica, but this strain is top tier. A nice body buzz blended with just enough sativa that you can chat at a party. Great strain to smoke at a sesh or on a date!

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