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Super Silver Haze For Sale

Super Silver Haze For Sale is a Sativa-dominant hybrid from Amsterdam’s Green House Seed Company.

Its name once belonged to a plant from breeders Scott Blakey, aka Shantibaba; Howard Marks, aka Mr. Nice; and Neville Schoenmaker, who retooled the strain and called it Silver Haze after leaving the seed company.

Green House reports the current version of the strain is the result of crossing Shiva with Northern Lights #5, donated by breeder Sam the Skunkman. The strain earned three successive 1st Place Awards at High Times’ Cannabis Cup — 1st Hydro in 1998, and 1st Place overall in 1998 and 1999.

The seed company reports the strain has an instantly recognizable, spicy-peppery terpene profile and a strong, fast-acting Sativa-like effect. It tested at 19.11% THC, 0.17% CBD and 0.74% CBN. It’s recommended for treating pain and stimulating appetite. super silver haze


Super Silver Haze weed’s aroma is immensely pleasant but in an unexpected manner. This marijuana strain does not feature any sweet or candy-like notes but instead appeals to the more dynamic aspects of sense – including spicy, skunky, diesel, and sage-like notes that bring you back down to earth and ground you like a black-port battery cable.


Flavor-wise, the Super Silver Haze marijuana strain can possess hints of citrus but is overall herbal, spicy, sour, and earthy. The appearance of this refer features a wide array of cool and muted tones, becoming more vibrant at the tips of the plant.


Super silver haze strain.The sugar leaves tend to be a faded green in color, with gray and pastel purple/pink accents. The pistils are reasonably short, with a faded orange color. The name of Super Silver Haze likely originates from the way the marijuana buds look; as if they have been dipped or rolled in a fresh coat of just-fallen snow, producing a silver sheen that leaves observers in awe.

Effects Of Super Silver Haze

The Super Silver Haze offers an extremely cerebral high and it is relatively long lasting in comparison to other strains, making it a perfect choice for anyone looking for an effective and good quality sativa! The high hits you almost instantly, and it is as fact acting as much as it is hard hitting. Users will feel uplifted as waves of energy and happiness wash over you, leaving you feeling euphoric and quite stoned with a hazy head high. Despite the lack of focus due to the haziness, however, the strain is thought provoking and may help instigate conversation and sociability. As the high progresses, you will also feel energetic physically. Some users report the body high to be heavy and soothing, so Super Silver Haze may be more effective for alleviating chronic pains or aches on certain individuals more than others. A more common characteristic of Super Silver Haze nonetheless, however, is that it is quite effective for nausea, migraines or headaches, stress and depression due to its mentally relaxing and uplifting nature! super silver haze strain

Order Super Silver Haze Online

Super Silver Haze is a sativa dominant hybrid which contains about 18% to 23% THC on average and has a ratio of 80% sativa to 20% indica. Its parent strain, Skunk, also known as Skunk #1, is an indica dominant hybrid with a ratio of 65% to 35% with 15% to 19% THC, 1% CBD and 1% CBN. Its other parent, Northern Lights, is a pure indica strains with 16% to 21% THC, and it is one of the most popular strains on the cannabis market! Lastly, the Haze strain, like its predecessor, is also a sativa dominant hybrid with a ratio of 80% sativa to 20% indica and 14% to 23% THC. super silver haze thc

Medical Benefits Of Super Silver Haze

Regarding serious medical conditions, Super Silver Haze seems to have impacted the community of individuals suffering from severe chronic depression, tending to promote enlightened emotions of contentment, and even happiness.

Furthermore, stress and anxiety have also influenced by the Super Silver Haze marijuana strain, which has proved to be a real game-changer for a wide array of conditions that affect the mind. Patients with medical conditions should avoid over-consuming any strain of marijuana – including Super Silver Haze – as over-consumption can potentially lead to an increase in anxietyparanoia, or stress. It is vital to understand your limitations in these circumstances and keep track of intake levels. super silver haze for sale

Super Silver Haze marijuana can also be beneficial in helping the physical side of the medical realm; patients with lack of appetite, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, neuropathic pain, and migraines can appreciate just how healing this marijuana strain can be, having already helped millions throughout the United States.

If your condition is more intense, however, taking a larger-than-average dose will not always ensure that your pain is properly helped. Super Silver Haze edibles, concentrates, live resin, candies, shatter, hash and gummies are all ways to access a higher percentage of THC, generally with less efforts involved (i.e. you don’t have to smoke 14 bowls in a row). order super silver haze online

Buy Super Silver Haze Online

If you are an individual that seems to crash halfway through the day, we’d be willing to bet that Super Silver Haze marijuana will take care of you and revitalize your body – plus your mind – and bring you back to life. It’s honestly one of our all-time favorite phenotypes, and if you haven’t tried it, please make every effort to do so in the coming year – trust us. buy super silver haze online

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this Super Silver Haze review, and that you not only found the article to be entertaining but also educational, informative, and funny as hell (just kidding). And as always, it is important to remember that the consumption of marijuana is the sole responsibility of the user, and that discretion should always be taken. super silver haze strain

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5 reviews for Super Silver Haze

  1. Roxanne

    this stuff is great taste nice and good high . great job green valley

  2. Godfred

    This one has nice flavour smokes well. Recommend it for sure. Just want to thank you guys for the 420 baggie nice gift. Thx ….

  3. Bobby

    Le gout du SUPER SILVER HAZE est excellent, fruité, presqu’un dessert comme son nom l’indique, accompagné d’un café ou espresso, c’est du bonbon.

    Je ne savais pas trop à quoi m’attendre en commandant sur ce site, j’ai commandé lundi matin et j’ai reçu mon colis mercredi midi, good job ???? sachant que je reste à Montréal!

  4. Melisa Powers

    Small but not too small. Great looking little nugs. Quality is as stated, potent and long lasting. Burns great, tastes great. Hell of a good deal.

  5. Flynn Rose

    nice frosty buds decent buzz also!

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