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Purple kush for sale.Purple Kush is considered a classic indica strain. Its popularity is likely due to its powerful and relaxing euphoria. This quintessential indica has its roots in the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan and has quickly evolved into a worldwide favorite due to its vibrant purple color and earthy aroma.This strain is a not-so-distant relative to the Kush cannabis family. This gives Purple Kush strong genetic roots that are responsible for making the strain one of the most potent indicas available. If you want to simply zone out or are looking for a perfect elixir for pain or sleep problems, Purple Kush should be at the top of your list.

Purple Kush Strain Effects

Purple Kush can, without a doubt, turn your world upside-down. In hindsight, this is somewhat of a contradiction seeing as this strain is expected to completely de-stress the body. Consumers seem to agree that this strain seems to stimulate and activate the mind beyond what could be considered a conscious level.

For starters, some consumers report having hallucination-like effects after partaking in the cannabis strain. Growers and avid users, however, dispute this eventuality, citing that the strain should not at any point cause any anxiety or paranoia. This is because Purple Kush has an innate ability to truly release the body and let the mind unwind.

Other than the effects of overwhelming relaxation, Purple Kush should leave the consumer quite happy. Some users will also end up giggling uncontrollably. An expected side effect is the heavy onset of hunger. Basically, Purple Kush will bring on the munchies.

A side effect you should expect is feeling somewhat foggy and even a little confused. This makes Purple Kush a superior pure indica strain as it delivers both mental clarity and feelings of ease. Users that indulge just before bed report experiencing the deepest, most restful night’s sleep. This makes the strain a viable option for individuals suffering from insomnia.

If you have a cannabis routine for your evenings, Purple Kush cannabis will make quite the addition. Besides, it could be a great addition to your chill social time as it could help a group of users break down their barriers and potentially melt into the blissful experience to share.


Medical Benefits of Purple Kush

Research shows Purple Kush has a vast number of medical benefits. For starters, if you are prone to episodes of extreme nausea, you should consider smoking some Purple Kush. Additionally, if you suffer from a lack of appetite, Purple Kush is the strain you want to try. Users with insomnia and chronic pain also report significant improvement in their symptoms after partaking in this strain.

There is evidence that individuals with depression, stress, anxiety, and other mental conditions could benefit from taking the strain in any of its different forms, including edibles, live resin, gummies, candies, concentrates, or the popular bubble hash. A way that this section of users can still enjoy the strain without the uncomfortable or unpleasant feeling is by only partaking in a low to average dose of the strain. Additionally, it would be best if these users were familiar with the source of the Kush as they can then prevent taking compromised strains.

While you might not experience the traditional adverse effects of taking sativa-influenced cannabis strains, you will most likely experience some sort of cottonmouth. Overall, any possible side effect you are likely going to experience can easily be managed with a little extra preparation before embarking on partaking in the Kush. For starters, consider drinking plenty of hydrating fluid before you light up some Purple Kush. This should adequately take care of the thirst you might experience and help you prevent any cottonmouth effect.

Note that while there are strains likely to stimulate hyperactive thoughts and sharp focus, Purple Kush is likely going to bring about a complete state of contentment. Granted, the user is expected to experience some mental effects, but research shows that these are often the psychedelic type and not the distorting type that is cerebral mental effects. Overall, be prepared for the indica knockout that you are likely to experience 2 to 3 hours after.


Purple Kush Growing Tips

Suppose you are interested in cultivating some Purple Kush for yourself. It is important to note that cultivating this particular breed of cannabis is moderately difficult.

As Purple Kush is an almost 100% pure indica strain, it is likely to grow low to the ground in somewhat of a bushy figure. This makes it particularly challenging when you consider growing it in an outdoor environment. Therefore, considering its low stature, if you are to grow it outdoors, you will need to find a location that has an adequate amount of full sun. This will ensure that even the low-lying leaves receive some sun exposure. Additionally, consider searching for an outdoor grow spot that is dry with low humidity or exposure to the rain. You should harvest your first buds around September which should tally to about 8 weeks of growth. purple kush for sale online

Note that Purple Kush is naturally quite resistant to powdery mildew, mold, and pests. Still, indoors is the most suitable location for growing this strain. Doing it inside means that you can better control the humidity and temperature. Additionally, consider getting a hydroponics setup, as this would ensure you have tighter control over growing conditions.purple kush seeds for sale.purple kush near me

When you grow the strain indoors, you should expect flowering in 8 weeks, which is a lot faster than most of the other strains growers seem to be leaning towards. Note, you need to strictly keep the temperatures between 65-75 degrees. Make sure you set the trellis for the plant’s maximum height, which is likely going to be 3 feet.

From a home grower’s perspective, Kush plants are generally not considered very rewarding. Still, if you desire to fit a few plants in a small area, the strain’s short stature makes it the perfect breed. To ensure you do not have stunted growth, you will have to stay on top of topping its leaves. This is a sure way of ensuring you get a better yield.

On the other hand, from a commercial grower’s perspective, it might be particularly hard to get genuine Purple Kush as it is clone-only. This will require you to seek out growers that have legit mother plants. Granted, if you are not so keen on weight, you should be able to find some fulfillment growing this strain. A neat advantage of this strain is how the old-school Hindu and Afghan bitterness makes for a great deterrent of pests.


Related Strains

Purple Kush might be a first-generation Californian, but it still has markers that can be found in other strains too. The first is Granddaddy Purple (GDP) which has the distinct grape aroma and flavor found in Purple Kush. Grape Ape is an additional strain closely related to Purple Kush. This Indica dominant strain has its roots in Afghanistan as well. Similar to the preceding two, it comes with bold purple leaves and an unmistakable grape aroma. Finally, we have Obama Kush that also has its roots in Afghanistan. It has a slight purple hue and an underlying thick dusting of resin quite similar to that of the Purple Kush.



Purple Kush’s distinct coloring is hardly the most interesting thing about the strain. Considered as a pure Indica strain, Purple Kush is famed as being probably the best bedtime cannabis option. Besides, it has been proven to be quite helpful for pain, especially harsh migraines and stress. Users describe feeling an almost immediate uplifting euphoria that leaves them completely pain-free and slightly introspective. This is accompanied by a warming numbing body high that users report starting from the head and spreading throughout the body. The effect is complete relaxation and a feeling of sedation. Upon the comedown, the user is likely to be eased into a deep and pain-free sleep that should last a couple of hours. Overall, the Purple Kush strain is a must-try for any self-professed cannabis lover.



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39 reviews for PURPLE KUSH FOR SALE

  1. Benjamin Corey

    One of the best indica strains I’ve experienced, it brightens up your supposedly dull day through giggles and one of the best body buzzes ever. I now understand why this strain is a classic.

  2. Shella

    Purple Kush is one of those strains that I’ll always have at least a couple grams of. It is one of my go to Medical strains as I am a patient suffering from Chronic Pain resulting in severe Secondary Insomnia. It’s always nice to sit down at the end of the night and smoke a bowl of Purple Kush. As I take my first couple rips I feel it slowly calming me and relieving pain and somewhere around the 2nd bowl is when I call it bed-time! Definitely recommend!

  3. Promo K

    The go to weed for anxiety relief. It makes life bearable at the worst of times! You’ll huff, and you’ll puff, and you’ll sink into the couch with some doritos without a care in the world! Very pleasant high.

  4. Nafe

    Most powerful indica strain I’ve smoked. When you’re smoking you might be thinking “Oh, this shit isn’t getting me stoned” until it hits you. It hits you everything at the same time, from your legs to your ears. Music feels amazing, and you feel in great control of your body. Also, food has NEVER tasted this orgasmic. Totally recommend it for smoking it before bed, it gets you sleeping like a baby. Would be good for socializing at a party, since it does not affect the brain as much, just a clear head high.

  5. Eric X

    Couldn’t stop smiling halfway through the first bowl

    • David Emmett


  6. Andre

    Purple Kush ist eine erstaunliche Anti-Angst-Sorte, zwei Hits und Sie haben vergessen, worüber Sie sich Sorgen gemacht haben.

  7. Logan Lee

    purple kush has lovely sandlewood flavor with hints of grape. It’s a great pain killer, and also good for a romantic evening

  8. Jayden Jude

    Also I want to say as an HIV+ Patient it is 100% illegal to grow 1 plant or have even 1 gram in my state.. INSANE, Fuck the law , I have a death altering disease that HIV meds make only worse. What would you do if you had Cancer or AIDS? And something like Rick Simpson Oil works?Without it I would be dead by now. I feel Purple Kush is the best for Rick Simpson oil, very good! Helps my eating and I gained weight and It helps my stress and sleep. Great strain!!

  9. Da Mayor

    PK is like the blanky you had when you were a kid, it’s comfy, cozy, familiar, just the right strain to tuck you in at night. 🙂

  10. Gilberto

    Soy un GRAN admirador de Purple Kush. Además de verse simplemente increíble en el tazón, tiene un sabor maravilloso y un subidón exclusivo de su variedad. Todavía más verdes que morados, los cogollos se espolvorean a fondo con tricrómico, con pelos de color naranja claro que brotan abundantemente y, ocasionalmente, brotan hojas de color morado oscuro. Al romperlo un poco, se revelan más toques de púrpura y el olor dulce y pegajoso que queda en tus dedos es solo el preludio de una dosis perfecta de kush. Más afrutada al exhalar que la mayoría de las otras cepas kush, Purple Kush me deja perfectamente ebrio, ¡sigue siendo muy funcional o funcionalmente alto! Nunca dejo pasar esta variedad cuando me cruzo en su camino, definitivamente en mi top 5 (¡hasta ahora!). ¡Pruébalo, creo que te gustará!

  11. Solomon White

    This strain is like a sugar rush, you have about 30 minutes of a sativa like energetic high followed with an extreme indica low that will make you hit the bed with great velocity.

  12. Allen

    Purple Kush left me in a tranquil state, feeling calm and very relaxed. The buds have a strong sweet and piney smell to them and when vaped have a noticeable musky grape flavor. The strong body buzz hits immediately on the first hit and is followed by a creeping euphoric, creative, and happy head high that lingers for the duration of the body stone – 2 hours for me. I found this herb great for pain, depression, anxiety, laziness, munchies and in large doses can have me yawning for a sleep. Some strong dry mouth may occur but is easily fixed with wate

  13. Francis

    Une des meilleures variété que j’ai pu goûter ! En plus d’être très agréable à fumer, elle est parfaite pour la détente et un sommeil profond.

  14. Mariah Zoe

    A great heavy head high that keeps me creative while helping after a high stressful and sore day. Very nice strain, but only real bad side effect is dry mouth which any sugar filled drinks is a definite avoidance. Stick with ice water, or sip some gatorade.

  15. Naomi

    Always available in my area, purp is a great evening blaze. Always gets me high as fuck. It’s a beauty.

  16. Aurora Claire

    5 star 100% Indica. Be prepared to be sat the fuck down. Great for a night cap or if you want to see how many times you can drop your phone in a day. Beautiful purple with green undertones, fragrant purp/fruity smell. Smells like candy, tastes like candy, will absolutely melt you.

  17. Lee


  18. Brennan

    Migraine pain 4-5; nausea 5-6 when I medicated round 23:30 or so. Takes bout 5 min to hit ya. No anxiety/paranoia (an absolute must for me). Body high finally allowed me some damn sleep! Head high almost too upbeat but may have been due to my anxiety disorder. I did drift off to sleep which was what I freakin needed! Pain/nausea gone. Tastes like grapes to me. I’d highly recommend for evening/after work use for pain/nausea/anxiety! 🙂

  19. Bellamy

    Purple Kush is a beast. My top pick. Smell: 10/10 Taste: 9.5/10 Buzz: 10/10. Purple kush is a beast if you are sober with nothing to do but surf the web and watch tv. It will automatically enlighten you with an extreme euphoric mind set leaving you at peace with yourself and the world. WARNING: Not for beginners, Do not over smoke ( can cause rapid heart beat and EXTREME Mind euphoria )

  20. Dennis

    Purple Kush starts off slow. Happiness and euphoric vibes begin to set in long before the actual high. I felt myself growing more relaxed, slowly slipping back into the chair I was sitting on. Then I realized I had not moved a muscle. I was not slipping back into anything. The strain quickly became one of my favorites as it delivers a strong body high, and my most favorite thing, a strong body lock. Upon finally making it back to my bed to relax, I felt myself being locked into place, not being able to, or wanting to move. Closing my eyes delivered wonderful colors and vibrant experiences. Generally it takes a great deal for me to reach this level of peace and serenity, but with Purple Kush I quickly found that not much was needed at all. If you are wanting to spend an afternoon relaxing, daydreaming, and smiling, definitely give Purple Kush a try. The body relaxing effects and euphoria cannot be ignored in this colorful and potent strain.

  21. Giovanni

    100% Indica. Pure subaudit me leviter GDP admonere. Gemmae sunt pruinae cum colore purpureo, roseo et viridi. Alta ipsa saxea est stupri ac totum infernum. Non commendo hunc laborem fumigans et circumeundo. Crura sensi sicut spaghetti et habebat me posito stercore. Fumo et sede, quia Purpura Kush te nullo lube maledicet.

  22. Ben

    Excelente indica, ideal para uso nocturno, ver una película, disfrutar cualquier tipo de vídeo juego o escuchar música. Sabor terroso y dulce.

  23. Hassan

    This taste thoooo…..juicy ass bud. This indica will kick you on your ass. I’m spaced tf out right now. This is the weed people are smoking in antidrug ads when they’re sunk into the couch with stoney eyes. And the flavor, man. Damn.Imma be back for more frfr

  24. Jeffrey

    Let me just start by saying, I don’t know if it was just the way the grower grew it or if the strain itself is really just this powerful. Or maybe it’s just the fact that it was one of my first times with mary jane. Whatever it was, this has been one of the strongest strains I’ve tried and one of my all times favorite. Unfortunately however, I always have a hard time finding anyone who carries this strain. lol the first time I tried it, I was so stoned that I actually tried taking the fish sticks I was baking out of the oven with my bare hands! OUCH! Never made that mistake again. That being said, this is a wonderfully euphoric strain that REALLY helps my anxiety and insomnia! And I’m sure it would help anybody with chronic pain!

  25. Jimmy Cage

    A good choice to help get you to sleep. It’s pretty strong, but the effects wear off pretty quickly. So if you’re using it for insomnia, be prepared to medicate multiple times. Don’t worry, a little goes a long way: if you wake back up, medicate again, and you’ll be asleep once again in no time.

  26. Joffrey

    My second time consuming this strain tonight. This is by far my favourite strain so far! I have RRMS and this instantly relaxes my entire body! It also gives my just enough of a head stone to help get to sleep.

  27. Keegan

    Bud tender knows me well and knows what is a good fit for me. He recommended this strain as nothing has give me relief from chronic pain I suffer. The strain works great to relieve pain. I found the pain relief lasted about 24 hours from it. Also the strain works great for sleep. This is the best strain I found for pain relief.

  28. Максим

    Все, что я могу сказать, это то, что это ударило меня по заднице и оставило беспомощным.

  29. Matteo

    Fabulous taste, nice strong effects.

  30. Kenneth

    I smoked a huge joint full of this strain in the early morning, so I can’t say much for its reputation as an insomnia solution, but it did put me in something of a lazy state. Purple K has an incredibly long lasting high. About an hour after that first joint, I was ready to smoke a big bowl of its hash, which kept me high nearly all day.

  31. Donghai


  32. Rosey

    Bonne souche Pour être actif, j’ai eu le temps de ma vie à skanker moins que jake (et en jeter un peu au bassiste !) Euphorique et édifiant avec ce doux goût violet !! Mon meilleur ces jours-ci!

  33. Neville

    Purple Kush has turned out to be one of my all-time favorite Indicas. When I purchased this strain from Cali Exotic Shop I was working in a hot, cramped and stressful environment. Being able to come home, roll up, shower and relax was one of my favorite times of the day. This strain not only provided good sleep but enough pain relief to be able to sleep the night after cutting the top of my finger off. I would recommend this strain to those suffering with sleeping disorders, trouble relaxing and mild to severe pain.

  34. Arrow

    It’s been months since I last had Purple Kush, and I still daydream about it. Good PK is beautiful, frosty and thoroughly purple, with a delightful candy smell. Excellent for my anxiety and Bipolar symptoms, PK delivers a deeply relaxing experience; get ready to melt in the best way. I don’t know if it’s the strongest, but I don’t care–i’ll take this over any OG, any day.

  35. Randall

    I tried this and immediately felt relaxed. It also helped me when I was feeling very anxious. I smiled a whole joint of this and I felt so relaxed and enjoyed every moment. After an hour my eyes got heavy and I got really tired and slept the whole night like a baby. I love this strain would recommend to a friend 10/10

  36. Flynn

    Great strain. Super smooth. Great for insomnia. So smooth like a big ol jet airliner coming in for a landing. Great Indica. I also judge a strain on how I feel when I wake up in the morning. I always feel positive and ready to go with this strain. Totally recommend.

  37. Isaac

    Pain disolving, anxiety crushing, mood lifting – Purple Kush is a solid strain. When stress has you feeling overwhelmed, it blankets your mind with it’s blissful euphoria and everything looks more manageable. In larger doses Purple Kush is an insomniac’s dream. If you’re looking for an indica with a good head and body high, I definitely recommend Purple Kush. It’s provides relief for a wide range of ailments.

  38. Yannick

    I don’t normally review a strain and give it 5 stars. Purple kush earned the 5 stars. I smoked it and it gave me exactly what I needed. It numbed my back pain and relaxed my body so I was able to get one of the best nights of sleep I ever had. It did make me paranoid like very paranoid but once that passes its smooth sailing.

  39. Hugo

    The batch I had was skunky with a little bit of pine smell, little spots of purple and dark blue, not the most resinous, made me eat so much food, one bowl did me some good

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