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Buy God’s Gift Cannabis Strain- God’s Gift, the love child of OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple, holds that classic purple color and the berry, grape, and citrus notes to go along. Expect a smooth hit that transforms you instantly with a peaceful full-body high. This is the ultimate relaxation strain. It’s no wonder it comes from California. This award-winning strain will be the religious experience you’ve been subconsciously seeking.


Overview of God’s Gift

God’s Gift, aka Barney aka Grape God, is a hybrid indica-dominant 90/10. It’s the child of OG Kush and Granddaddy purple, some of the most popular strains, and is similar to Purple Urkle. It has an average THC level of 18-22 percent, but some higher levels have been detected because there are many different phenotypes out there. Some report THC levels of up to 27 percent.

This is not a suitable strain option for those with a low tolerance unless they need the potency. The strain first entered the scene in 1995 but really rose in popularity between 2004-2006. At the time, dispensaries couldn’t keep this on the shelf.

It won the 2nd place prize in the Santa Cruz Cup in 2012.

Potential Positive Effects of God’s Gift

The high is instant, full-bodied, and hits smoothly. You’ll feel peaceful and as the high lingers you’ll feel more and more like you want to go lay down. Dreamy, dazed and putting you in a trance-like state, God’s Gift stays true to its name. Indulge in this when you just want to lay in the grass and watch the clouds go by, watch movies, or even while getting a massage.

As with any happiness-inducing strain, you could go into a giggling fit and sometimes users report feeling a sexual appetite. This is definitely a strain to enjoy in the evenings or late at night. The overall effects of God’s Gift are usually described as relaxing, euphoric, and sleepy.

Potential Negative Effects of God’s Gift

This strain is a tranquil luxury and should be handled as such. There’s no dizziness or mind-racing but you will have that couch-locked feeling. You can also typically expect to experience dry and red eyes.

Growing God’s Gift

God’s Gift is a great strain for beginner growers, as it doesn’t require much attention. It can handle incorrect watering or nutrient additions, but be diligent during the process for the best yield. It is most suitable for an indoor grow, but if you grow outdoors, make sure the climate is warm and dry. The flowering process will take around 8-9 weeks, and harvest will yield about 300-400 grams per plant.

Lineage of God’s Gift

God’s Gift is an excellent cross between OG Kush x Granddaddy Purple. Its lineage is unique and extremely potent. Both of God’s Gifts parents are heavy indica strains that passed along their fire terpenes and relaxing effects.

Where to Find God’s Gift

Although popular in the northwest United States, you can now find this strain all over the country. God’s Gift is particularly popular in Washington and California, and can additionally be found in Nevada and Oregon commonly. Consumers have also reported finding God’s Gift throughout Canada.

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