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Cali Kush is a hybrid marijuana strain known to provide upliftingenergizing effects. This strain offers fruity and citrus flavors with spicy hints of coffee and kush. Cali Kush gets its name from the popularity of Kush varieties in its namesake state. Growers say this strain produces buds that are large and dense.

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Cali Kush For Sale

About this Hybrid Strain

Cali Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that produces dense, immense buds that lack a decent amount of pistils, being light green with very light blue hues. Its scent and taste are of citrus and pine, with undertones of coffee and spice.cali kush for sale

Some have reported a sativa-dominant phenotype.

THC levels can average just around 13%, but are known to vary so checking potency before consuming/purchasing is recommended. It high will leave the consumer in a relaxed state, easing tension, aches, and pains throughout the body while simultaneously elevating mood. Reviewers note this strain’s capability to help with pain, nausea, insomnia, depression, and even anxiety. Some have experienced bouts of the giggles when consuming this strain.

Negative side-effects besides dry mouth and eyes include dizziness, paranoia, and headache when consuming in higher doses.cali kush strain

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 13%
CBD: <1%


Genetics of this strain are still shrouded in mystery, though it’s known to have first blossomed in
California, thus its name.cali kush carts

Medical Use and Benefits

Most cannabis users are looking for a quick escape from profound weariness. And, Cali Kush is that golden ticket to the California dream of lying beneath infinite palm trees. While the mind dives into a peaceful sea, the body bathes in tranquility. With every plunge, day-to-day troubles get washed farther away from the shore.

The strain is a popular choice amongst users battling depression, PTSD, and stress. It gives an enjoyable high that keeps worries and pressure from troubling the mind. Dampening the symptoms of psychological ailments is its euphoric vibe’s function. Even the tormented insomniacs get a restful slumber because of its sedative properties. But, of course, not without enjoying its blissful cerebral offerings first.cali kush price

As the journey continues, the marijuana’s munchies will kick in. It will heighten hunger into insatiable levels and make edibles exceptionally irresistible. This effect makes Cali Kush especially attractive to those battling food-related disorders. It also stops nausea and vomiting which aids cancer patients subjected to chemotherapy.

Lastly, people enslaved by agonizing pain also find a dependable buddy with this herb. It is an anti-inflammatory and analgesic weed with muscle relaxing capability. Such features make it an effective pain reliever. Maladies like migraines, PMS, arthritis, and eye pressure have nothing on Cali cali kush

Cali Kush Effects


Growing Cali Kush

Cali Kush is very Indica in structure, but a bit on the smaller side. Growing at a maximum of 110 cm, the branchy beauty needs a more lateral space than an extra vertical room. It is relatively easy to cultivate as this variant is resistant to mold and mildew. To help the plant thrive and avoid any form of decay, trim and prune when necessary. These basic techniques afford proper air circulation and sufficient light for the bottom leafage.cali kush dispensary near me

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14 reviews for Buy Cali Kush

  1. Henry K

    I’ve ordered this twice. The smell, taste and looks are all on point.

  2. Stacy H

    Wow this is nice. Would purchase again!!

  3. Boris C

    First time buyer, was referred by a friend. Wow, great experience….Fast payment, fast shipping, amazing product, and the best was that i received my package on time What a great way of taking care of custimers!!!!

  4. Franklin

    Got me stoned.I’ve always loved the effects from this strain.First time from here and I’m happy

  5. Xenon

    There is nothing like it. Wish I had an endless supply. Perfect for anxiety issues and pain. Awaken instantly from drowsiness. Long lasting. No bad effects.

  6. Michael Clone

    Love this strain!! Great price!!

  7. Troy G

    Exceeded expectations in all categories. Great price for quality

  8. Terry A

    Good quality! Buds are tight; smokes and tastes good and gives a good high. I like it

  9. Olivia Z

    Great taste, luv the smell.
    Would definitely order again

  10. Kilian

    Nice dense buds …well worth the money!

  11. Fredric Suleman

    Decent for the $

  12. Rene Manol

    This is the first time I’ve had this strain , it will make your day go from bad to good real quick. Very uplifting and energetic buzz from this and a great burn

  13. Mathew


  14. Travis’

    smell was good and very potent effects. would recommend for daytime and nightime use.

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