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Euphoric 59%
Happy 57%
Uplifted 47%
Relaxed 36%
Energetic 28%
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Buy Blueberry Haze Online. Blueberry and Haze are two strains that have gained renown for their potency and unusual flavor profiles. No surprise, then, that this cross between the two is a popular hybrid in its own right. Blueberry Haze leans sativa, but its body high can prove heavy and almost incapacitating if the bud is consumed in larger quantities. Cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 has consistently found the strain to have between 14% and 23% THC, averaging out at about 16%.

When properly trimmed, Blueberry Haze’s flowers are small to medium in size, with a clustered, popcorn-like appearance. The buds have the dense structure typically associated with indicas, with the small leaves curled tightly inward toward their central stems. The leaves themselves are a mossy green, twisted through with hairy orange pistils. An even coating of translucent white trichomes covers the flowers, giving them a silvery cast and a very sticky texture. Order Blueberry Haze Online

When properly cured, these flowers give off the overwhelming aroma of blueberries, sweet and slightly tart. Lurking underneath is the spicy, herbal aroma — almost reminiscent of tea — that Haze fans will find familiar. This spicy character is intensified when the bud is ground up or broken open. When combusted, Blueberry Haze burns with a smooth palatable smoke. On the exhale, the smoke tastes fruity and somewhat sweet. Enjoy this unique bud in a clean pipe or a joint to fully savor its taste. Buy Blueberry Haze Online Now

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25 reviews for Buy Blueberry Haze Online

  1. Nathan

    Started off feeling very high, then somehow learned to use chopsticks within a minute. Smoked a few bongs and Js of it. Save me Jesus!!!

  2. Rolene

    This is THE PERFECT medicine for before work. I have an industrial job and it’s been hard for me to find something that will ease my pain without getting sleepy. It also makes me laugh at everything. (Even though I’m a seasoned smoker.) THANKS HUMANITY!

  3. Jasper P

    This Blueberry Haze is easily the best strain I’ve had!! It burns this nice burn and hits you so smoothly. It tastes sweet like blueberries and doesnt leave a bitterness in the back of your throat. Its just so smooth. I smoked it using a pipe and the high is a beautiful head and body sway , know what i mean? Its just so nice. It makes you feel mellow and sweet and happy. I think its my favourite strain so far. I had loads more to explore! SkiiiWalker x (London

  4. Philips

    Great energy! Taste could’ve been better but the affects were pure bliss.

  5. King Malik

    From the Blueberry Haze that I have smoked I can say that it was an enjoyable high, but not my favorite by far. It has a very strong and great scent, and of course its blueish color. I would say that it’s a strain to be smoked to just have a good time and chill out and jam to some tunes or watch a good movie.

  6. Marie

    Danks. Tastes and smells unreal and so fresh. Best strain I’ve come across for my anxiety. Not a drowsy strain, good for early morning when you can be tired

  7. Shelly

    This strain is perfect for when I’m feeling down. It lifts my mood without making me drowsy.

  8. Clavin Morrison

    fresh taste, very relaxing strain. I recommend it for anxiety or panic attacks.

  9. Benson

    Excellent for PTSD and other life stressors….

  10. Emmanuel

    I had the chance to try this and OMG not bad at all definitely one if those strains you wanna smoke with friends to get the laughs and good times i went back for more!

  11. Laurent

    this strain is very relaxing. whenever i’m in a shitty mindset, i smoke this and my worries just go away. it’s perfect for anxious and depressed people like me. it also eases your pain. amazing strain

  12. Paul

    We smoked this earlier and, man, on the way back from the coffeeshop we we were floating on our bikes. Had bomb sex.

  13. Ferdinand

    This is a very very very good tasting strain. I put some in my steam roller and it literally tasted like blueberry pie. AMAZING BUD! But don’t over due it like it says, my buddy was “watching cartoons”.

  14. Terry

    This is some delicious bud. It really tastes like sweet blueberries with a strong hint of the floral note. Super energetic and happy buzz. Euphoria hits pretty quick, and from there it’s a very cerebral and giggly high. Seriously. I love everybody right now. Especially you!

  15. Rex

    Makes you feel on top of the world. Smells just like blueberries. By far one of my favorite strains.

  16. Victor

    now wats the difference between this blue dream nd blue haze??

  17. Joe

    I was looking for something hard hitting. This flower is what I needed. For reference, I suffer from anxiety, back pain, migraine’s, insomnia and now knee arthritis. I’d say, this flower is a winner!

  18. Vincent

    Super clean, very earth aroma and a smooth ride!! Surprisingly strong yet bearable high. Careful though……creep up strain.

  19. Nelson

    Definitely a nice high. It hit me really hard as soon as I sat down and I had to realize what just happened for about 20 seconds. Nice to use indoor but probably also suitable for outdoor use. 4/5 because it got dry really fast but that does not really annoy me personally.

  20. Oxbourne X

    This is definitely giving me a head spinning hilarious high. 10/10 recommend smoking then watching workaholics

  21. Cloe

    One word…WOW!

  22. Iyke

    Very Strong headhigh. Leaves you feeling like you’re in a other world. Very longlasting as well. Easy 3-5 hours high. This strain leaves you with a feeling of senseless euphoria.

  23. Eva

    Awesome strain try and not to over due it thought because it will knock you out. At first it doesnt feel like ts anything crazy but itll hit you. Made my throat tickle & got some hiccups every time i smoked. Overall a quality strand, if you dont over do it

  24. Jarvis

    I really like this one. I found it much different than the usual pink champaign strain I’m used to smoking. I find myself concentrating but drifting off, my friend, however, is having a hard time handling this euphoric feeling and is acting quite childish. Would not recommend for light smokers trying to stay low key.

  25. Harry Stone

    Very good hybrid, best of two worlds

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