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Buy LA Kush Cake (Wedding Cake x Kush Mints #4)

Wedding  Cake Kush, also known as Wedding Cake or just Birthday Cake, is an indica-dominant hybrid with strong body effects and sweet cake-like flavor. As decadent as its Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie parent strains, Birthday Cake Kush buds bloom with a crystalline icing of THC-rich resin. ORDER NOW 

Like any dessert, Birthday Cake Kush is the perfect way to end your day, with deeply relaxing effects that soothe the body without sedating the mind. This indica is preferred by patients treating pain, anxiety, appetite loss, inflammation, and headaches.

Effects: creative vibe, euphoric mood, relaxation, sleepiness, sedation, dry mouth, dry eyes

May Relieve: chronic pain, insomnia, nausea, depression, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, lack of appetite, anxiety, pain, arthritis

Wedding Cake, sometimes also called “Pink Cookies”, is an indica-dominant strain with 60% indica leaning. Created by crossing some very popular genetics, this hybrid offers a balanced type of high and a delicious, vibrant flavor. Wedding Cake is a cross between the world-famousGirl Scout Cookies and the popular sour hybrid Cherry Pie.

Contrary to its name, Wedding Cake doesn’t exactly taste like a traditional dessert. Instead, it offers mostly tangy and sour flavor profile with just delicate notes of creaminess. The insane combination of effects provided by this hybrid makes it an amazing recreational and medical strain. As for the THC levels, they range between 16% and impressive 25% on average.

The Wedding Cake marijuana strain grows very large and colorful buds that come in a typical indica-like structure. Chunky, globular buds of this hybrid are forest and earthy green in color, covered with beautiful orange pistils. A heavy layer of trichomes is responsible for the strain’s impressive level of THC, but also for its very sticky texture.

Buy LA Kush Cake (Wedding Cake x Kush Mints #4)

When properly cured, Wedding Cake smells mossy and damp with delicate notes of citrus and skunk that let us know of its grandparent strain, the world-famous classic OG Kush strain. When grinding or breaking up these buds, you’ll smell some hints of spicy sandalwood. Wedding Cake gives a bit harsh, stinging smoke when combusted, but it also tastes rich and sweet on the exhale. You can also detect some subtle creamy cake notes in this marijuana strain.

The hybrid’s high hits fast and start primarily in the head. You can experience more fast-paced thoughts or intensified perception of your surroundings. The Wedding Cake marijuana strain offers a euphoric, happiness-inducing high that lasts for about an hour until the typical indica-like effects take in. Then, you may experience a pleasant warmth traveling throughout your body that later on turns into heaviness. However, even with its powerful sedative properties, Wedding Cake will still keep you in a cerebral mood, allowing you to enjoy your time.

The Wedding Cake strain comes with an amazing holistic combination of both physical and mental effects, that may be beneficial in a range of areas in life, including creating art, reading books, sports, and even at work. Be careful though, as the high continues, the hybrid may lead you to a strong body high. In fact, when consumed in higher amounts, Wedding Cake may give a couch-lock effect.


33 reviews for Buy LA Kush Cake (Wedding Cake x Kush Mints #4)

  1. Dr Fritz

    This is the best strain that I have ever smoked. You can use it in the morning as your coffee or as a dessert to wrap up your day. LA Kush Cake has a great taste. The bud is lime green, white, and orange w hints of purple. If NE sold Ounces of LA Kush Cake I would pick it up weekly. LA Kush Cake is on the same level w a Durban, Sour D, Bio Jesus, Ice Cream Man, effects wise. It looks like all of these buds combined. It smells amazing. I smoke 2 grams a day on average and have gone to every dispensary close to Fall River including Green leaf in Portsmouth RI. I no longer go to NE anymore because I found much better deals on bud elsewhere but… LA Kush Cake is without a doubt my number one go to. If your wondering what’s the best bud to buy… you found it! Enjoy! *Smoking this bud out of a “clean” bowl will make the experience that much better…

  2. Marshall

    I REALLY like this strain! It’s a great combination of relaxation, euphoria, happiness… And maybe the perfect amount of horniness LOL!!! Seriously though, it’s a wonderful full body and mind high. Don’t smoke this if you have anything you need to do because you’re pretty much gonna just melt into whatever surface you’re on and you’re gonna love every splendid second of it.

  3. Don Simon

    Just picked up some LAK from Cali Exotic Shop, gotta say this is one of the best strains I’ve ever had. The smell is incredible, real earthy and sweet almost chocolatey. Flavor is fantastic if you vaporize it, just be warned if you smoke lol… it’ll put you in space quick. Effects are super relaxing, helps ease anxiety a ton but isn’t couchlocking. Is definitely great for sleep but I can also go out or ride my bike with it if I’m in the mood. Definitely worth a puff

  4. Sullivan T

    Wowzerz this strain is just what I needed. My depression and anxiety has been really heavy lately and immediately after smoking this I started to just mellow out smoothly. I sat back in my seat as the body high came melting in. Easing away any stress I had in my mind and any aches I had in my body. I’m a bodybuilder so I was quite soar from a heavy arm day and now I’m completely relaxed from head to do. Aroused af! Super tingly. This is a very happy playful and sensual strain. It allows your thoughts to slow down all while still remaining functional, for the most part haha. Well that’s how it is hitting my cannabinoid system. I read reviews of people saying this will have you stuck. All tho I have been in the same place for an hour now. I believe I can get up and still be coherent through the day on this. Man am I feeling good. It feels dam good to say that haha. So Calming 😉

  5. Sharon Stone

    Beautiful dense buds with bright purple leaves. Gorgeous. Smells skunky and flowery sweet. High is a heavy hit indica, very uplifting, calming. After your buzz you can easily take another hit, not a lot of negatives with this one. Great for anxiety, pain, nausea. New favourite Indica.

  6. Carlson Remy

    Definitely one of the more potent indica strains i’ve smoked. Pungent smell with a vanilla-hint hitting your nose. Gassy smoke, heavy taste just like most potent strains. The high, amazing. Full body high with a stimulating euphoria. 10/10. Highly recommend for going to bed

  7. Jason Gilbert

    This strain is an absolute dream. It tastes distinctly of peppermint with subtle earthy hints while it tastes fresh, a tad sweet, and a refreshingly pine-like. This strain will leave you feeling tingly (in a good way, not overwhelmingly or uncomfortably so), aroused, very sensitive to touch, and a fun one to share in the company of a consensual partner/potential love interest 😉 Seriously, this is a heavy strain with a high THC percentage (mine has been consistently around 23% or more on occasion) so please be mindful of the effects. It does cause euphoria, arousal, and happiness but can also make you extremely tired, a tag lethargic, and can leave you with a headache in the morning or after waking up from losing previously. Still, absolutely try the strain at least once. Most people have an extremely positive experience with it and it is absolutely worth it. It is definitely a strain I pick up whenever possible. Good luck and cheers everyone!

  8. Pedro

    Soy un gran fan de Wedding Cake, lo que me llevó a encontrar esta variedad. Es mi nuevo favorito. Lucho con una mezcla divertida de ansiedad, depresión y una enfermedad crónica de la tiroides. La tensión fue instantáneamente relajante pero no te deja pegado al sofá. Mi tiroides significa que mi deseo sexual está disparado; LA Kush Cake también se encargó de eso. Además de mi impulso sexual, tengo dismorfia corporal, por lo que puede ser difícil sentirse sexy. LA Kush Cake me ayudó con mi ansiedad, así que no estaba tan preocupada por cómo me sentía conmigo misma. También lucho con la alimentación desordenada. LA Kush Cake me dio hambre sin tener que comer bocadillos en toda regla. ¡Comí una cena adecuada y una pequeña taza de mantequilla de maní!

  9. Chu Hua

    100% 會讓你大吃一驚。

  10. Ambas

    Feels more like an Indica but it’s a Hybrid. I smoked the Big Bang cart of this flavor. Very relaxing.

    • Calie Exotics

      We are happy you received your order on time and also had a great time while enjoying your product.Your are always welcome to re-order once again.Thank You

  11. Maurice

    This is a good strain i love it best i got and stinks up my whole house.

  12. Walters

    I’ll be honest, this stuff gave me anxiety. I’ve been dabbing it And while it starts off as decently enjoyable, I definitely noticed that it kicks my anxiety up a notch. Everybody’s different for sure, but I would definitely recommend smoking this versus vaping it or using concentrate because I think it’s just way too potent in concentrate form

  13. Nathan Dawara

    This strain is pretty good. It’s very relaxing and calming. My mind is clear, not foggy or hazy. I think this is mostly good for anxiety or insomnia. A nap and a bubble bath sound nice right about now.

  14. Owen(England)

    Good strain for my PTSD and chronic pain .

  15. Max

    Hits ya with that strong yawn! Jellifying the mind. Relaxing but not overly potent.

  16. Suplex City

    I like the overall feeling of the high. It’s perfect for laying in bed, especially if you’re already a bit tired

  17. Silas K

    Wonderful strain for PTSD, DEPRESSION, and ANXIETY! Very potent and soothing. Loosens thoughts and allows the mind to flow with better ease. I’ll definitely come back for more of this

    • Calie Exotics

      We are happy to be of help to you.

  18. Charlotte

    For me, this is damn near perfect. I can use this throughout the day with no down side. It is the definition of relaxed. If you are looking for something with classic Indica qualities that does not leave you tired AF I highly recommend this strain. I will keep buying it as long as I can.

  19. Teddy James

    Smoked five different strains back to back and this is the one that stands out! Not just pretty, but stands out and compliments the effects of its parents!! Scientists have been able to pull the effects that we all love from indigo and sativa and to our surprise, develop a tasty and refreshing high. #Feeling relaxed but uplifted!

  20. Lucas

    Finally a strain I can smoke, without a violent coughing episode

  21. Isabella

    Esta cepa es genial. Es bastante suave y definitivamente viene con ese limoneno. Tengo dolor articular crónico, y esta cepa lo ha aliviado por completo. Me siento tan increíblemente relajado, y tan ligero. LA Kush Cake es definitivamente un subidón corporal, y tan relajante. El efecto de excitación de esta cepa también es bastante bueno. Celebra un aniversario o matrimonio con esta cepa, anima el día de San Valentín o simplemente relájate y disfruta con tu película favorita.

  22. Jack Wyatt

    Perfect for after work. I love the vanilla scent and love wedding cake, so not surprised that LA Kush Cake is a favorite. Great relaxing body high but not overwhelming and couch lock only if you smoke more than necessary. Perfect indica characteristics…helps with pain, anxiety, insomnia and appetite.

  23. Roy Lee

    Overall good high, flavor and taste.

  24. Steve Preston

    This strain did not let me down 2 joints in and I’m already considering this a top 3, most definitely will be coming back to this strain


    Wow puts me in the best mood ever.

  26. Dominic

    Excelsum optimum, bonum vesperum. Lenis et sapida in hauriendo, mea dura fuit in exhalatione, sed operae precium

  27. Aaron Paul

    Some of the most beautiful buds ive seen. Dense with orange and purple green ahhh i love it.

  28. Bobby Mason

    Love this strain. Leaves me super relaxed and eventually nodding off to dreamland. Definitely a good bedtime strain

  29. Jack Carl

    The best flower I have ever smoked. took all my body pain away. Its a total body high. makes you feel like your floating on a cloud amazing.

  30. Easton Gray

    Great Strain! Nugs look good, it smells good, and its smokes pretty smooth and spicy! Definitely recommend

  31. Carter James

    Looking for something for both joint plain and PTSD primarily. This does a very good job.

  32. Benjamin Grey

    Very good high and good taste. Good strain to watch movies and chill.

  33. Zack Alan

    This strain is the s**t it’s like negative energy doesn’t exist. Good to smoke if you have a lot going on and just need to relax and get a positive outlook on things

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