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Buy Gelato Strain Online The Gelato strain is a cross between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. The Sherbet strain itself is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties. The specific origins of the Pink Panties strain is something of a mystery, although it definitely belongs to the Kush family.  Even though Gelato is relatively new, its taste and therapeutic benefits have made it a firm favorite with medical marijuana growers. where can i buy gelato near me


Gelato is probably best suited to daytime use as a “wake and bake” strain. The Gelato strain has an average THC content of 25% and moderate CBD. buy gelato weed online

It is known for getting to work very quickly and for providing an upbeat, motivational and creative high. Gelato is actually Indica dominant, but only slightly. It is a 56% Indica and 44% Sativa hybrid. This means that the high has a bit of a different tone than you might expect from its THC content. The Indica genetics anchor it somewhat with what could have felt like pure rocket fuel , feeling more like very strong caffeine.  The pain-relieving qualities are exactly what you’d expect from a strain of this potency. buy gelato 41 seeds

As the high ebbs, you transition into a full-body stone, which is deeply comforting without being massively couch-locking. While Gelato is more of a daytime strain, it can be used at night. You could imply let yourself glide from the body stone into a regular sleep.

Best indica strain for sleepThe medical benefits are certainly a key part of the reason why Gelato has become so popular. However, Gelato has become such a huge favorite with the marijuana community because of its delicious taste and aroma. It’s packed full of the sweetness of both fruit and candy. But it’s nicely balanced with the freshness of citrus and a liberal dash of Kush spices.  The mouthwatering taste of Gelato means that it’s generally consumed through smoking or vaping. It’s also perfectly suitable for use as a cannabis concentrate, cannabis topical or even in cannabis edibles.


The Gelato strain can be grown indoors or outdoors. With strong links to California, its now wonder it needs to be pampered in a warm, dry, wind-free and sunny environment. Outside of the Mediterranean basin, you should treat Gelato as one to grow in a greenhouse or indoors.  One piece of good news for outdoor growers is that Gelato has a harvest time of around the end of September. You can therefore collect your buds before the autumn frosts strike.

Indoors it needs 8 to 10 weeks of flowering.  One piece of good news for indoor growers is that Gelato has an average growing range of about 1.2M to 1.8M. It reaches a natural height of around 1.2 indoors, which is still pretty reasonable for a strain with this level of Sativa genetics.

where to buy gelato near me

Indoor growers can expect average yields in the region of 500g/m2 to 600g/m2. Although those with the most expertise could push this up even further with appropriate use of techniques, such as plant training.  Outdoor growers can expect average yields in the region of 800g to 1Kg per plant. Although again, this can be increased if growing conditions are good and the plants are allowed to make the most of them.

Gelato’s growing style reflects its hybrid genetics.  In other words, it does want to grow outwards as well as upwards. Gelato has a decent amount of space between its branches, which means there is minimal need to trim the leaves of their plants.  In fact, Gelato is a fairly low-hassle grow, thanks to the high level of landrace genetics.  Even beginners can have a go at growing this strain. Be aware though, that Gelato will definitely develop a noticeable odor towards the latter end of the flowering period.

While the Gelato strain is mostly appreciated for its taste and medical benefits, it’s also a very attractive strain. Gelato develops colored leaves with the depth of color depending on the growing conditions.

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28 reviews for Buy Gelato Strain Online

  1. Rafeal

    Gelato is amazing. A good solid floating peaceful feel. It’s a heavy hitter and I was lifted after just one bowl… It allowed me to relax.. Still hold conversations and made everything feel so great. I took a shower about 20 min after I finish blowing and OMG the shower was amazing.. Then my husband and I had the most amazing lol time together. This is definitely a favorite. It will make you sleepy if you give into it but you can fight through and enjoy the evening. Either way this is a must try.

  2. Martin N

    This has become one of my favourites. Doesn’t instantly hit but 30 seconds later it suddenly packs a strong punch. Plenty of euphoria and uplifting creativity. I feel this is a nice all-rounder – you feel both relaxed and calm yet you still have energy to function. I can imagine this to be great for outdoor activities, cooking, or simply just looking to get your mind off things.

  3. Felix

    Gelato is amazing. A good solid floating peaceful feel. It’s a heavy hitter and I was lifted after just one bowl… It allowed me to relax.. Still hold conversations and made everything feel so great. I took a shower about 20 min after I finish blowing and OMG the shower was amazing.. Then my husband and I had the most amazing lol time together. This is definitely a favorite. It will make you sleepy if you give into it but you can fight through and enjoy the evening. Either way this is a must try.

  4. Shina Banz

    Absolutely incredible head high, body buzz and unexpected pain relief to boot. Not the “perfect” strain (I def wouldn’t want to go for a walk, etc) but for a lazy Saturday (or Tuesday evening…) around the house with no set plans it’ll do just fine.

  5. Eric

    I ordered some from cali exotic shop — I rolled a small joint, which I smoked with myself, and within three minutes I realized it was 45 minutes later. When I got up to pee, I realized it felt better to just stay naked, so I continued to undress myself in front of the convex shower mirror and I began to dance. Not just wiggle, but really dance. From my soul. When I realized I was scaring the cat, I tried to tell him I was sorry with my mind, but I think I might have been doing it wrong because he turned and left and hasn’t been back since. I honestly miss him. I went to look for him and was stopped by my neighbor’s caretaker for being naked in the street. A brief chase ensued, but I lost him in a taqueria. It was the single best smelling taqueria I have ever been in, and I found myself trying to convince the man behind the counter that I would bring him money after I went home and put on pants, if he would let me take home Carne Asada. We both parted ways disappointed I think. I made it home in time for Murder She Wrote, so I ate a jar of Skippy and fell asleep on the pad. That was about 7 hours ago and I am still high as fuck.

  6. Manoh

    This is what some would call a heavy hybrid. It does not send waves of relaxation pulsating through your body like an indica, but it comes close. It does not send you into mental hyper productivity like a sativa, but it comes close. It is 75% of each full experience, but beware: this means you are getting 150% of a high. It is great stuff, and quite trippy. I do not recommend taking this if you are socially anxious and are going to be in a new situation. Take this when you feel 100% comfortable with your surroundings.

  7. Loic V

    Cette variété est une bête ! Je suis et tous les jours, plusieurs fois par jour, fumeur. Mais celui-là, mets-moi vite sur le cul ! Trop vous fera devenir un avec votre lit et vos couvertures. Juste assez, et vous aurez de l’énergie pour des heures ! La descente est agréable et facile, ni abrupte ni inconfortable. Celui-ci peut se faufiler sur vous et vous abattre. Étant un fumeur quotidien, je ne m’attendais pas à ce que cela se produise comme il l’a fait. Pour certains (moi y compris), cela peut être très fort. Cela peut provoquer une sensation un peu troublante au début, en raison de la force d’action rapide de cette variété. Je pense que les nouveaux arrivants devraient aborder cette variété avec respect et juste un peu de prudence. Et en ce qui concerne les vétérinaires là-bas, ce sera une force bienvenue. Surtout avec tout le shwag qui circule de nos jours. Dans l’ensemble, c’est une excellente variété à savourer seul ou avec un groupe d’amis. Et ce sera un grand high pour tous, ou vous savez, juste pour vous ! Amusez-vous bien et smokins heureux !

  8. Marcel

    I have smoked a lot of marijuana in my time and I have to say there isn’t anything quite like Gelato, 10 out of 10 all the way around. If you call yourself a stoner and haven’t tried this powerful strain of flower, you’ve never even been high before.

  9. Celine

    This strain made my boyfriend and I have the most amazing connected, sensual dry mouth sex. Watch out for cotton mouth. Put on a movie afterwards but you may end up not watching it because you’ll end up feeling your man again. Most sexual strain of them all. We had the most beautiful philosophical conversations this is a definite must try. Keep soft objects nearby you will want to touch things.

  10. Jackson Monroe

    This strain continues to stay in my top 5!!! I start on this strain in the early evening and on through dinner and bed. Very euphoric and calming. Happy grin is usually present non-stop. I’m still able to be productive and want to move around. No couch lock here, which is why this is my #1 HYBRID !!!

  11. Wáng

    这绝对是沉重和快乐的。所有的烦恼都消失了,放松至高无上。使用 Gelato,您既不活跃,也不疲倦。到冰箱和一些辛普森一家的漂浮之旅。是的。

  12. Dope Boy

    Amazing!!! Amazing!! WOW WOW I never in my life thought I would be able to have the taste of Italian Gelato in my mouth while I am medicating, its AMAZING! HiGh Head High and my body was cool and bit numb! wow…. its my new high… Thank you Cali Exotic Shop

  13. Carlos

    una de las cepas de olor y sabor más interesantes que he probado. Creo que tenía un fenotipo dominante de menta delgada porque había una fuerte presencia de terpinas de menta. cuando se vaporizó, cada golpe despejó mis senos paranasales seguido de un regusto dulce de lavanda y vainilla.

  14. Veronica Maze

    Possibly the best of the cookie crosses, along with Guava Gelato. Totally makes you feel happy and upbeat. Very relaxing but not couch locking. You can pretty much do anything with this strain, and be perfectly content. Big thumbs up.

    • Calie Exotics

      You’re welcome and we hope to see u soon

  15. Jazzy

    I have only been smoking medical marijuana for a few months, and this is by far my favorite strain I have tried so far. It tastes sweet and fruity, and gives the most relaxing cerebral high. Highly recommend trying this if you love marijuana.

  16. Smith Dwarlin

    I recently picked up an oz of Gelato from Cali Exotic Shop It was a really smooth smoke that knocked me on my … couch. It’s a really balanced high and is good for day or night time smoking.

  17. Tuan P

    Erstellte ein Konto, um diese Sorte speziell zu überprüfen. Dies ist wahrscheinlich die beste Grassorte, die ich je geraucht oder mit der ich in Berührung gekommen bin. Seit ich angefangen habe, dies täglich zu rauchen, habe ich eine Veränderung in mir bemerkt. Ich habe jetzt eine viel positivere Einstellung zum Leben im Allgemeinen. Ich bin motiviert, den ganzen Tag aufzustehen und Dinge zu tun. Es hat mir geholfen, selbstbewusster zu werden und noch kreativer zu werden. Ich empfehle diese Sorte jedem, der versucht, durchzudrehen, aber auch versucht, sich selbst zu verbessern.

  18. Clovis

    enjoying tha rain with gelato, bong, & blunt wraps ✌

  19. Gomez

    Ummm…can I just say, this shit is wayyy better than these weak 5 stars which have been provided for a rating scale. Do yourself a favor: smoke a blunt of this or just takes a few puffs, either way you’re guaranteed to laugh your fucking ass off. I’m serious. I laughed so hard and for so long, I had to check my pulse a few times. Highly recommend. ☝️

  20. Sebastien

    This strain is so wonderfully amazing it prompted me to write my first Cali Exotic Shop Review . I’ve been smoking for over a decade and this is by far the most productive, yes I said productive, weed I have EVER smoked. I tend to prefer sativas for daytime smoking but this delightfully sweet hybrid has in awe of its amazing ability to help me desires and focus on my work!

  21. Rex

    THIS is the dopest dope I ever smoked. smells like flowers and candy and the smoke is smooth, creamy, sweet and slightly earthy. I’ve never had a better tasting strain. the high is clean and clear headed and very uplifting. I have ptsd and anxiety and this is one of the few strong strains that don’t trigger that. my #1 strain and I have tried many. also my favorite cookie fam strain next to it’s parent sunset sherbet. perfect 50/50 strain for daytime. 10/10

  22. Lorenzo

    Grande ceppo! Corpo e testa alta. Provavo molto dolore prima di fumare e in seguito il mio dolore è stato completamente eliminato. Bello per dopo il lavoro quando vuoi rilassarti ma non stancarti o chiuderti sul divano. Sicuramente lo prenderò di nuovo

  23. Klaus K

    Eine großartige Sorte würde sie für diejenigen empfehlen, die zu Hause mit Freunden chillen oder ins Bett gehen möchten, um einen großartigen Rausch zu erzeugen

  24. Top Shoota

    Damn this shit hits FAST. Besides the fact that it’s a beautiful bud, it tastes and smells so sweet. Two good hits from my bong and i’m like a 6 year old . My headache and back pain is gone and I’m super relaxed.

  25. Sophia

    GOÛT : bonbon, menthe, fleur d’hibiscus, fruit skunk ÉLEVÉ : frappe immédiatement derrière les yeux et favorise un high énergique et euphorique, idéal pour les activités diurnes et les conversations légères. Très beau bandeau et buzz mais déconseillé si vous essayez de dissimuler le fait que vous êtes défoncé. mon sourire est d’une oreille à l’autre et mes yeux sont des fentes.

  26. Lili Fox

    This is a great strain for when I need to eat. the munchies are real with this one. (ps I am someone who often forgets to eat and/or feels sick afterwards. this helps settle my stomach in order to eat without pain.)

  27. Adele

    This strain is probably in my all time time 3 favorite strains. It is definitely a heavy strain that is better for consumers with higher tolerances. I consumed oil via vape and it feels like a very intense and heavy sativa. I was not tired but very relaxed and able to resume normal daily activities. All stress melted away. My husband has a lower tolerance than me and he became pretty high that I woild not recommend someone with a low tolerance to drive after using this strain. He would have gotten lost for sure 🙂

  28. Leo from Australia

    excellent strain Great with ADHD depression And Mental Health. Highly Recommended

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