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Up to 24-26% THC


Flavours: Earthy, Sweet, Pine

Effects: Energetic, Happy, Uplifted, Focused, Euphoric

Medical: Stress, Depression, Pain, Fatigue, Headaches

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Buy Durban Poison Weed.Originating in the port city of Durban, South Africa, this epic landrace strain has been consistently been gaining notoriety across the world since the late 1970s. According to legend, High Times columnist and prominent cannabis activist Ed Rosenthal first discovered Durban Poison. Rosenthal was in South Africa seeking new cannabis genetics and found some local seeds in Durban that had a FAST flowering time — about 60 days.

Durban Poison: Strain Genetics

Being an original “landrace strain” is what REALLY makes Durban Poison stand out. (A landrace strain simply means it doesn’t have a complicated history of cross-breeding and mixing and matching with other strains.) Durban Poison is special because its genetics stretch back in time where strains were closer to nature and had little human tampering. The more growers are cross-breeding, the less of our original strains we’ll have left. Let’s hope there’s a master grower out there who are looking into the future and has secured, in a safe facility, as many original seed strains as one can reasonably acquire.

Durban is sweet to the smell with an earthy undertone with a touch of pine. This smell is produced by the dominant aroma and taste producing terpene D-Limonene. Limonene is a terpene that is commonly found in citrus fruits, which is what causes the dominant sweeter smells. A “pure” Sativa, Durban Poison’s THC content averages between 16-25%. CBD content, however, is notably low, rarely exceeding 0.02%. Durban Poison is also one of the most popular strains for crossbreeding and creating new strains.

Durban Poison: Effects & High/

A practical nickname could accurately label Durban Poison as the “Productive Poison.” Once the near instant effects kick in, your mind “clicks” into overdrive causing your body to TRIGGER into useful action. Your mind clears, you WAKE up with bright energy and you’re ready to intelligently navigate your day with LIVELY ease. Having a brain full of this Sativa, Durban Poison fans report this strain uplifts their mood, makes them happy, euphoric and focused.

Also known as the “coffee” of cannabis, this particular strain is one of the “raciest” Sativas on the market. It produces a stimulating and crystal clear head-high without causing a blurry stoney brain fog. Nothing but sweet uplifting vibrations giving you TONS of energy to make SEIZING THE DAY an easy poison seeds for sale

Long story short. If you have important things to do & you ALSO want to get stoned, Durban Poison makes the most practical sense. Have a productive day while using your mind to do smart stuff or your body to do hard physical labor. Nothing wakes you up and puts you in the zone quite like a bowl of Durban poison seeds for sale canada

Many loyal Durban Poison users claim the strain offers relief from stress, depression, pain, fatigue, and headaches. The most commonly reported side effects are generally mild, including dry mouth, dry eyes, and anxiousness. Some find Durban Poison users claim the strain alleviates headaches, while others have reported experiencing a headache. Of course, everyone reacts differently, and moderation is the key to finding the appropriate balance.

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40 reviews for Buy Durban Poison Weed

  1. Kelly

    Smooth smoke, nice uplifting sativa high. No burnout factor that I could discern.

  2. Eye4andEye

    It is a day off type of Sativa. Nice to have when you gots time to chill Or buzz around

  3. Jason 25

    Durban Poison – My go to for getting my figure back after holidays indulgence! Its tightly compacted buds give you more than your money’s worth. the high is mellow but energized. Never agitated! ….and the fact that I can feel this way and not want every munchie in my mouth, is the best part! My idea of a good energizing daytime high is “Durban Poison ” you keep your focus with some added creativity and before you know it time just flies away with extra productivity on your sleeve.

  4. Samuel

    Hands-down the best strain for depression and anxiety while staying productive and busy during the day.

  5. Aaron Capone

    An amazing bud to wake up to, I smoke it first thing with my coffee and it gets my brain and body going!

  6. Tommy

    Might be my new favourite daytime strain! Sweet fruity smell with a hint of diesel, this is a strain that you will feels quite strong but won’t bog you down to the couch.

    Very euphoric!

  7. Dericko

    I can’t believe this is my first encounter with this amazing strain. Dense and heavy, deep and penetrating DP’s high is steep and pleasurable. Highly potent and wicked enhancements for music and colors, this strain is an instant favorite.

  8. D Wizard

    get ready to walk down the yellow brick road

  9. Zara White

    This one is a savage ! Can’t wait till its back

  10. Elisha

    Good sativa that has some Indica feel, I’d say this is a true hybrid feel rather than a sativa, would recommend.

  11. Martin

    Easily a new favorite. I have been wanting to try this unique strain for a while and finally got some from the best dispensary in my area. The high is fast hitting and right between the eyes. Overall it is one of the most uplifting highs I have experienced. More so than Green Crack even, Would be perfect for going on a hike or bike ride. Very potent but not anxiety-inducing in the slightest. I highly recommend this as a a great day time strain.

  12. Wally Bush

    This is killer stuff! Beautiful smoke, very energizing and also long lasting.

  13. Khalid

    Durban Poison is my favorite social or daytime get going and enjoy life flower. I like to keep the thc around 24 for my best results. Not the best one for crazy pain, but won’t let you down on mild pain days and is excellent for general stress, anxiety and over all mood. Will always recommend, just wish my ATC would grow.

  14. Terry

    this has got to be my favorite bud heavy hitting yum yum

  15. YCee

    It’s ok. Weight and looks were good, smells nice. Smoke is a bit harsh. It was not a strong buzz, you could feel it, but function.

  16. Ice Set

    I have tried most strains on this site and this is the best of the best great in every way smell taste and buzz 10 out of 10

  17. Mary

    One of my favourite strains, this one always packs a sativa punch. Great flavor and high

  18. Ezekiel

    Great strain, pure Sativa taste buzz and smell,
    This is 10 out of 10 every time.

  19. Kharein

    This is always such a good strain. Hits a bit more like a hybrid, def some indica in there. But all around always always good stuff would order everytime.

  20. OT Brick

    Durban Poison replaced my anti-depressants. I have struggled with depression since I was a kid and have never found relief like I do with Durban Poison. The smell is heavenly and the buds are always covered in trichomes. The high is all in your head, seriously like a little party inside your brain. I’ve added a trip to Durban, South Africa onto my bucket list because of this strain, it must be as close to heaven as humanly possible.

  21. A2334

    Migraine pain 6; nausea 5 when I medicated round 1300 or so. Takes bout 5 min to start working. Pain/nausea gone. Head high strong but also energetic; got my laundry all folded & put away. Body high saved my @$$ from goin to the ER today; pain was goin bad fast before medicating. Piney/skunky taste, I love a good taste to my meds. Really makes for a positive experience. Highly recommend for daytime use for pain/nausea. 🙂

  22. Collins Blaze

    Very nice sativa for the price. I will reorder again but maybe when it goes back to the top shelf collection.

  23. Godfred

    Durban Poison est une très bonne variété, mais cela ne s’applique que si vous prenez un verre avec vous car cela vous donne une sécheresse buccale sévère, mais m’a aussi donné un effet de rire très bavard. Dans l’ensemble une très bonne variété !

  24. Hans

    Made me feel really happy, hopeful, and like I just wanted to go out and live life.

  25. YG

    Great strain, this batch was not as perfect as last 10 times I ordered it, but still very nice

  26. Richard

    This one is nice. Could smell it through the package! Taste is nice and smooth but still packs a punch!

  27. Ferdinand

    Durban Poison is one of those strains that really can’t be compared to any other. It is a pure, full-tilt sativa with all of the lovelies that come with that designation. If you’re feeling stressed, anxious or depressed, this will kick you right out of it. If you’re prone to extreme anxiety, use caution and start small. Sometimes this strain can make anxiety worse if you smoke too much.

  28. Mr Prince

    I’ve bought this twice now and it hasn’t disappointed once. Signature Durban Poison taste and smell. Great foggy head high with a little body effect. SO MUCH WHITE WOW. 10/10 a must try.

  29. Nash Nicki

    This strain puts me on my ass. Hits hard, not like a strong indica where you feel super weighed down, but quite the opposite feel super light and focused. Chores get done in no time, can be used for relaxation as well though I prefer for when I have something to do. Definitely behind the eyes, but very little body effects, slightly tingly. No couch lock even when consumed in larger quantities

  30. Maxim

    I love this strain. I keeps me going through out the day. It makes me move and groove when I need to. No sluggish feeling or wanting to lay back and play video games. Plus it has positive side effects for libido

  31. Clyde

    uplifting, great head feel, very little negative to report, very happy

  32. Eric

    Great sativa strain. Lives up to the description. I love it. Very potent.

  33. Merlin65678

    Wow this strain is something it can be energetic if you want it to or relaxing if you want it to be that’s what I got from it it smells like minty basil probably one of the most interesting smelling strain that I’ve had and it has a nice berry not blueberry but just like a wild berry grape taste I definitely recommend this for pain and nausea I give this a 12 out of 10

  34. Enoch

    Best Sativa strain that you will ever find and this stuff was grown right, Good long lasting buzz with a great smell and taste. I love this weed.

  35. Celine

    Durban is one of my favorite sativas, first time I’ve had it from GS and it’s a really good strain you can smoke all day with little to no burnout.

  36. Sheriff

    Perfect day-time smoke. Very nice dense buds, with typical Durban flavours

  37. Kingsley

    Durban poison tastes very smooth and I found it perfect for daytime activities. It’s not over powering to the point where you can’t do things , but is just right for daytime. Buds are big and tasty. 5/5

  38. Cane

    I love trying new strains and this one wow, it’s like OK let’s go and do something. Great taste, great aroma and it lasted quiet sometime. Definitely will re-order

  39. Ferdinand

    Grab it while it’s there you don’t see much Durban Poison around well not this good GS brought it this time def one of my all time fav sativas this one will bring you back to smoking in your grandmas basement with the boys packed wit flavour nice sweet pine

  40. Noela

    Always a favorite daytime smoke.lota of energy

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