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  • Our autoflowers are all feminized
  • 40% Indica 60% Sativa
  • Fast flowering strain for quick harvests
  • Very high THC levels up to 25%
  • A powerful punch of happy relaxation




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Buy Bruce Banner Autoflower Marijuana Seeds.The Bruce Banner strain is one of our signature strains, a perfect blend of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel that is based on the original prize-winning Bruce Banner. This strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid with 40/60 indica/sativa genetics.

What are Bruce Banner Autoflower Seeds?
Bruce Banner autoflowers combine a third species of cannabis, ruderalis, with this already potent strain. Ruderalis plants originated in Northern Russia, where harsh conditions led to a cannabis species that can survive harsh conditions and flower quickly. Bruce Banner autoflowering seeds can flower in just a few weeks, and you’ll never need to adjust the light cycles. When growing these plants outside, they do not follow the rules of the season. If it is warm enough, they will grow.

Bruce Banner autoflowers produce the same effects as feminized seeds, except the yield will be smaller since they have less time to grow.

Growing Bruce Banner Autoflowers
Just like the big green hero, autoflowering Bruce Banner plants are hardy and intense. They’re easy to grow indoors and out, and they’ll knock you flat every time. Either way, watch out for the intense scent – just like the rest of the plant, it’s impossible to miss. If your neighbors might mind, plan your grow in advance and install some scent filtration.

Autoflower plants, including Bruce Banner autoflower, are small and bushy, so it’s a great option to get the most out of the space you have. Avoid stress training these plants, because autoflower varieties don’t have the time to recover before their flowering phase.

Feeding Bruce Banner Autoflowers
Visit our nutrient section to get the right plant food for every grow stage.

We recommend giving your plants:

Marijuana Fertilizer – for optimal growth
Plant Protector – for the best protection
Flowering & Yield
Bruce Banner autoflowering plants will take about 10 – 14 weeks from seed to harvest. Expect yields indoors of around 5-6 ounces per square yard with these plants. They stay short and bushy, so they’re perfect for a shorter indoor grow space.

Outdoors, you will see a little more height, but not too much, and you’ll still yield about 12-15 ounces per plant. They also will still be ready in about twelve weeks, regardless of the solar cycle. Just make sure that nights stay warm to get the most out of your plants. Other than that, these plants are remarkably simple to grow – even beginners have success.

Experiencing the Bruce Banner Strain
Bruce Banner, the character and Bruce Banner, the strain have something important in common: there’s a lot of intensity just under the surface. Luckily, the monster strain reveals an intense depth of happiness, not anger. Just a puff of Bruce Banner leaves you feeling euphoric, energetic, and creative for hours at a time.

If you’re not feeling up to heroics, Bruce Banner is a perfect choice to help lift you up. The intense happiness that hits the head high makes it an ideal way to overcome a dark mood. No matter how you felt before the toke, afterward, you’ll be ready for a good night.

There’s no stopping Bruce Banner. It’s incredibly intense, so it’s smart to take it slow at first. While you’ll never get enough of the euphoric feeling, you might get a little annoyed at the dry mouth and dry eyes from overindulging. Keep water nearby to help keep things from drying out.

This strain can have THC levels that can reach 25%, so it is important to know your limits. Overindulging can sometimes lead to anxiety or paranoia; moderation is a good idea.

Bruce Banner Taste & Smell
The smell of Bruce Banner is just as potent as the high it packs. Long before harvest, it will be unmistakable that you are growing a truly impressive strain. Preparing for this in advance can help keep the smell from reaching your neighbors. The scent is a unique combo of diesel and sweet fruits. True fans can recognize it from a single whiff since the combo of strawberry and fuel is hard to miss.

One inhale, and you are in for a treat. The fruity flavors come out strong, with a noticeably strawberry sweetness. There’s a hint of diesel, as well, but it’s less intense than in the scent. Overall, the flavor is impressively mild, especially considering how pungent the plant is.

Uses for Bruce Banner
Whenever you’re a little down, Bruce Banner is an incredible strain for feeling like a hero. Whether you’re trying to defeat a bad day or a longer-term problem, spending some time with Bruce will leave you feeling powerfully happy. Despite the sativa-dominant genetics, Bruce Banner provides a balanced experience that won’t leave your body behind. It doesn’t lead to jitters or couchlock, making it great for people who need a pick-me-up.

That’s not all Bruce is good for. The intense but balanced qualities of this strain make it perfect for relieving stress and pain. Most people report that this strain makes them more energetic, so enjoy it during the day or before a long evening of letting loose. It has even found use as an appetite booster since it can ease nausea.

Buy Bruce Banner Autoflower Seeds
You can purchase Bruce Banner autoflower seeds in packs of 5, 10, or 20.


When you buy Bruce Banner seeds we offer:

Discreet shipping and handling
Free shipping to all U.S. states
Guaranteed arrival of your order
Guaranteed germination of your seeds
Find more information in our support section

Happy growing!

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