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Buy Blueberry Moonrocks. Blueberry moonrocks are made up with original kief and wax. It’s is a from the hybrid family with thc of 31%.Moonrocks are one of the best outstanding cannabis strains due to it thc potent causing consumer to stay high and calm like its name. Buy moonrocks online from the shop that brings to you the best of premium top shelf marijuana weed. Our goal is getting the best of fire bud to our customer that’s why we make sure all our products are Grade A+. We do offer varieties of our moonrocks collections to our customer so we can satisfy each and every consumer. Enjoy the best of affordable prices for you quality weed. Medical marijuana is very important to the society today due to it several purpose. We make sure our prices are affordable for the best of products.


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63 reviews for Buy Blueberry Moonrocks

  1. Collinzo

    Excellent product quality and packaging system

  2. Richmond

    Heavy hitter that’s for sure

  3. Dave S

    Excellent Rocks, Great service!

    • Calie Exotics

      Thank you for the kind words,hope to see u pretty soon

  4. Eazy Realest

    amazing strain, sure packs a punch so don’t do what i did and try little bits at a time. 10/10

  5. Kerry Monk

    Good customer support and services. Got my delivery thanks

  6. Asap Quay

    Bought a g for the novelty to try it, but wow is it actually worth it. Closest thing to a hit of shatter that is bud. burns forever in a bong.

  7. Felix

    Moonrocks hit hard and even. it’s a great relaxant and it definitely brings on the giggles. I love this one for creativity, too.

  8. Jessica

    I love Blueberry Moon Rocks. Definitely coming back for more.

  9. Nazareth

    looks good i wanna try it

  10. Omega

    All i can say is WOW. First time ordering of GE and couldn’t be happier. This stuff is awesome….

  11. Metro

    these look really nice, could they be smoked out of a pipe?

  12. Anthony

    very strong and potent strain. heavy body high, and head high.can also fall into an energetic state. great strain for sitting around in the house,or late night use.This strain is definitely not for beginners

  13. Snyder

    A complete body high. I felt like I was sinking into my bed. I was really happy to find that even though I had the body high I was not too sleepy. Instead I found myself laughing and making jokes.

  14. Vicki A

    Great Stuff Great Idea ……………………….. I froze it then I did a Very Quick Grind with it was A+++ in my mind loved it would get again …..

  15. Adam

    Love this! Please keep this in stock! Long lasting, very good with pain relief. Very happy with this one!

  16. Elijah

    Amazing!!!! High Sativa and glorious taste!!!

  17. Ashley

    Buy all you can…

  18. Terry Gibbs

    This has worked pretty well when I have a migraine coming on. It’s high enough in THC, but not too high to help. Very uplifting and relaxing.

  19. Roderick

    love it have one favorite strain but think I found my new one ,but justca great chill and relax High smoke blue moon rock all day WORD

  20. Andrew

    This stuff is amazing, so smooth and the oil taste is fantastic!! Only need a bit in the pipe, so nice.

  21. Oscar V

    You’re going to the moon with this stuff. Holy. Tried it with a 1 hitter (the small cigarette sized pipes), and just blasted off for hours. More than ever before. Fantastic.

  22. Eugene

    helps with pain. relaxed

  23. Enoch

    Sadly was not very impressed, was hoping for a nice bud, dipped and coated with kief, received 4 tiny pieces with in a container. Perhaps expectations exceeded reality but .. . the high was very nice, but sort of underwhelming.

  24. Mathew B

    One of the best websites ever definitely gonna come back again

  25. Cali Shooter

    10 out of 10. taste is out of this world and the nug burns awhile. high is great and long lasting and it don’t take much to feel the rip.

  26. Rey Malone

    To me this is a very heavy indica, great body high, relaxing with a bit of tingle in the arms and legs. This is one of my go-to’s for crohn’s pain and sleep.

  27. Tyler

    Incredible. Wish it would come back!!

  28. Dilan Montana

    Supremely powerful but sleep inducing. Love’em either way and always tack a nug on to an order.

  29. William

    So I took 2 hits of some moon rock out a bong and I literally was falling asleep in the car!!! I am a heavy smoker so I was really surprised wit the high and effect I got off only 2 hits. I recommend to everyone who loves bud !

  30. John

    So I took 2 hits of some moon rock out a bong and I literally was falling asleep in the car!!! I am a heavy smoker so I was really surprised wit the high and effect I got off only 2 hits. I recommend to everyone who loves bud !

  31. Jerome

    Awesome smoke, gets ya ripped and tastes good, just a little disappointed that it comes in 1g bags, was hoping for 1 nice hand sized nug instead I got a bunch of little buds in little bags but quality makes up for it

  32. Zayed Shark

    Awesome website I’ll definitely be back for more

  33. Ricardo

    I have come to realize that this is my favorite thing! The Meds I go to when I need something strong. I concur with Edzzzz, who wrote above… but I suggest he writes about it before he smokes it! LOL

  34. Boris

    This will sit yo ass down. Dont plan anything but an after nap. Only complaint is that the stuff gets shipped in a bag, much of the kief gets stuck to the sides, use of the little hash containers would be better. I kept mine in the freezer, it broke up more easily.

  35. Paul

    These nugs will put you in outerspace.

  36. Leon

    yep hits like a ton of bricks great for pain and eventually sleep…..:)

  37. Bless

    Receive my moonrocks today. All I can say is awesome!

  38. Marshall

    Was sceptical but so happy when it came everything weighed over too really happy with this stuff though just amazing

  39. Logan

    This was put you on your ass very relaxed high with a nice smooth taste definite purchase again

  40. Sharon

    amazing products everything from weed to concentrates found my go to for everything share with my love ones they love it thanks again

  41. Nino

    VERY VERY potent, stay home if you smoke this lol. I took one bong rip off these moon rocks and boy oh boy… I was lit for a few hours and ended up sleeping like a baby. Very good for chronic pain and nausea. Would get again

  42. Rex

    This is the best! I smoke a pipe and these little nugs last forever, or so it seems. It’s a great high and somewhat intense but also mellow and you get really, really relaxed. I sleep so well smoking them before bed, and still have some left from 2 orders ago.

  43. Stink


  44. Nasty B

    It’ definitely worth the price of admission. Enjoy your ride.

  45. Larry

    Excellent for relaxing, also perfect for insomnia. It really helps me with my pain, if only it lasted me longer! Great night time smoke.

  46. Tyson

    Great strain! Strong full body high and definitely made me relax after a long day. I absolutely love this strain, but it is very strong. A little bit goes a long way.

  47. Locko

    Life saver!!! It broke my insomnia!!!!

  48. Set

    Can’t say enough. Everyone should try them once. Tread lightly. Will definitely buy again.

  49. Quan

    This review is for the strain Blue Moon Rocks not the product with the same. All I really have to say about this strain is it’s pretty nice but it didn’t really stand out to me in anyway and while I’d definitely smoke it again I won’t be going out of my way to find it.

  50. Henry Darius

    Delicious. Amazing. Hard hitting. Just awesome in every way.❤ will buy again.
    Ps not for beginners

  51. Draco

    Wow great taste and high, just freeze before busting.?????

  52. Oneal Camel

    Good shit

  53. Serge

    Love this strain , very relaxed feeling and I feel it through my body lol awesome feeling

  54. Dante

    Great strain! Strong full body high and definitely made me relax after a long day. I absolutely love this strain, but it is very strong. A little bit goes a long way.

  55. Thomas James

    very good high

  56. Husbert

    i like this for evening time makes me sleep great.

  57. Ryan

    First the smell is amazing!
    Then the taste is amazing!
    And the effect is great!
    I will definitively buy again!!

  58. Solomon

    This is the best strain I’ve inhaled!

  59. Tiller

    This was the first strain I had to buy more of. It is so great for calming my anxiety. It also helped with PMS cramps and allowed me to relax on the couch. Highly recommend!

  60. Kingsley

    I loved it! Pricey but it was worth every dollar. My high lasted quite awhile and it helped sleep through the night. Highly recommended!!!

  61. Lewis

    Best Buy ever! I haven’t had moonrock in other strain amazing high last long.keep up your stock ✅

  62. Gerald

    Very very fast shipping and high quality!
    I really like this moon rocks!

  63. Monsta P

    Cali Exotic Shop is the best moonrocks dispensary thank you guys so much for my medicine.

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